Yohn Arryn is the King of the Vale and father of seven children. His late wife was Tyta Hersy.

History Edit

Yohn's father and older brother died under mysterious circumstances in 375 AC, leaving him to inherit the Vale just over a decade after his grandmother, Queen Falena Arryn, had passed. After ruling for 25 years, he has had six legitimate children and one bastard, Sylas Stone. After the passing of his wife, he has remained diligent as he approaches his fiftieth year.

Recent Events Edit

Yohn accompanies his family to the Grand Tournament of Seagard.

Family Edit

Tyta Hersy, wife (deceased)

Jayne Arryn, daughter

Aregelle Arryn, daughter

Helicent Arryn, daughter

Bethan Arryn, daughter

Corwyn Arryn, son

Lancel Arryn, son

Sylas Stone, son