Xanay is the younger sister to the Lady of Sandstone, Aliandra. Although her name is more similar to that of a Summer Islander's than her sister's, she prefers the culture of Dorne and the rest of Westeros. She sees herself as a knight of sorts, although she has yet to understand entirely what that entails.

History Edit

Born in 380 AC, Xanay only knew her mother and father during her childhood, being taken care of instead by Aliandra Qorgyle, who sees Xanay as both a sister and a valued friend. Xanay, in return, mostly chastises Aliandra's affection which often crosses into more than just sisters or even friends, especially in public.

Having learned how to handle a straight sword from outside of Sandstone, Xanay is often seen as a black sheep in her family of otherwise non-combative lovers.

Recent Events Edit

400 AC Edit

Accompanied her sister to the Great Tourney of Seagard where she met Princess Deria Martell and, in an act of naivete, practically swore herself to her service.