Viserra is the daughter of Viserys Targaryen and Helaena Targaryen, both of whom were involved in and lost their lives in the Targaryen Rebellion. She grew up in Dragonstone, but was moved to Dorne in 390 AC when the rebellion was lost.

History Edit

Viserra was showered with gifts as a child in Dragonstone, leading to an attachment with material possessions. Her older brother, Aerys, was present for most of her childhood, although the two didn't get along.

During the Targaryen Rebellion, she was separated from the rest of her family when her mother took her to Dorne where it was safer. Soon after, her mother returned to Dragonstone to help in the war efforts before being slain. She kept a portion of her mother's and father's wealth and made a life for herself in Sunspear.

Nearly a decade later, she began longing for more wealth, purchasing the aid of a crew of pirates to scavenge the Stepstones for every scrap of gold she could get her hands on.

Recent Events Edit

Year 400 AC. Edit

Viserra is seemingly distraught by the events she sees unfold before her as her captain, Lysandro, kills one of his crewmembers in order to defend her. In actuality, she lures Lysandro to take her back to where the pirates believe her gold to be held only to be assaulted by the crew of pirates Viserra truly works for in exchange for the Firedancer, Lysandro's own ship.

She has faith that he will go along with her, but is instead stabbed in the eye by Lysandro himself, narrowly surviving.