Ser Triston Dayne is the current Lord of Starfall, and is three and twenty years in 400 AC

History Edit

Triston Dayne is the only son of the late Artos Dayne, Lord of Starfall. When Artos passed away in 397 AC., Triston inherited Starfall on his twentieth name day. With no living relatives, aside from cousins in House Connington, and a bastard cousin, Triston has been Lord of Starfall for three years, guiding his House well. Lord Dayne is an incredible knight who has earned his title ‘Sword of the Morning’ and wears it with honor. Triston is unmarried and unbetrothed and is watched carefully by his fellow lords with no heir to claim Starfall if he were to pass away. However, Triston has been grooming his bastard cousin Edric Sand to inherit the house should anything go awry, as he desperately tries to pave the way for the future of House Dayne.

About Edit

Triston is a handsome and tall man standing at six feet flat. He has light brown hair, blue-gray eyes and a broken nose that never healed properly.

Important Events Edit

377 AC.: Triston is born, Elaena Dayne dies in childbirth.

394 AC.: Triston meets his bastard cousin Edric Sand and befriends him and starts training him.

397 AC.: Artos Dayne passes away. Triston becomes Lord of Starfall and the Sword of the Morning. Onros of Volantis enters the service of Triston.