Here you can find the current state of all the kingdoms of Westeros.

The year is 400 AC. and it is Summer.

Currently, King Baelon I Blackfyre sits on the Iron Throne and has been ruling for over 50 years, earning the respect of his people over that time. He is the third Blackfyre King and grandson of Aegon Blackfyre.

Magic and mystery have returned to the continent of Westeros following The Long Night. Dragons and wights both can be found in certain places even now, 60 years following the War for the Dawn.

The dragons that are alive in Westeros today are the descendants of Danaerys' three dragons. Viserion is the only one of the three to still be alive. All dragons in Westeros are wild and rarely seen, although they are known to exist, and even interact with humans on occasion.



In 390 AC. House Hightower and the "Targaryens" on Dragonstone led a rebellion against the Blackfyres to place a Targaryen claimant on the Iron Throne. The First Targaryen Rebellion ended with the death of the Targaryen claimant, the remaining Targaryens accepting defeat and scattering, and the rebel houses bending the knee to King Baelon Blackfyre once more.



House Baratheon currently holds the title Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. They have held the title since 390 AC. when they usurped it from House Connington during the First Targaryen Rebellion.

The lords of the Stormlands are still at odds over which house they support as their liege, evolving into two separate factions.

The current Lord Paramount of the Stormlands is Domeric Baratheon.



House Tully has held the title Lord Paramount of the Trident since Aegon Backfyre returned it to Edmure Tully in 304 AC. 

Harrenhal has remained vacant since The Long Night, when a devastating battle took place that is no longer remembered. Legends and myths surround the old castle, and many believe it to be haunted by either ghosts, wights, or dragons. 

Many of the lords in the Seven Kingdoms and even the Vale are gathering in the coastal town of Seagard, to participate in the Great Tourney being held by the Blackfyres and Mallisters. 

The current Lord Paramount of the Riverlands is Symond Tully. 



During the days of The Long Night, the head of House Arryn at the time, Falena Arryn, decided the Vale would be better off without the influence of the Iron Throne, declaring their independence for the first time since Aegon's conquest.

Most of the other Houses and kingdoms of Westeros saw this as a cowardly action, and still look down upon the Valemen to this day.

Some notable houses from the Vale, such as the Corbrays, decided to fight alongside Aegon Blackfyre I during the War for the Dawn, despite Queen Falena Arryn's decision.

Yohn Arryn is the current King of the Vale.



Tyrion Lannister was granted the kingdom of the Westerlands following Aegon becoming king in 304 AC.

During the Long Night, House Lannister and the Westerlands fought with Aegon in the War for the Dawn. This loyalty to the Blackfyres did not stop there however; in 390 AC, during the Targaryen Rebellion, the Westerlands once more followed a Blackfyre to war, declaring themselves for King Baelon and leading armies to crush the rebels in the Riverlands.

The current Lord Paramount of the Westerlands is Gerion Lannister.



Willas Tyrell declared the Reach for Aegon following his father's execution in the War of the Five Kings. House Tyrell was able to keep the Lord Paramountcy upon the crowning of Aegon Blackfyre I, after bending the knee.

In 390 AC. House Hightower led a rebellion against the Iron Throne to place a Targaryen on it instead. The First Targaryen Rebellion concluded with Hightower losing the war and forced to relent significant amounts of gold to the crown, as well as, a child taken as ward and hostage.

The current Lord Paramount of the Reach is Theodore Tyrell, a young and handsome knight.



Following the conclusion of the War of the Five Kings in 304 AC. the North was not heard from by the South for decades.

The Long Night began around 305 AC. when the wights and Others made it past the Wall and Night's Watch, invading the North. Not until Aegon Blackfyre marched north in the War for the Dawn around 330 AC. were the Northmen heard from again.

In 340 AC. following the success of ending The Long Night, House Stark bent the knee to the Iron Throne in response to their aid in fighting the Others.

Unlike the southern kingdoms, the North is still plagued with wights that roam the lands, as well as, dead that reanimate if they are not burned. As a result, the Northmen have widely accepted the practice of cremation or funeral pyres following a death.

Brienne Stark is the current Lord Paramount of the North.

Iron Islands

Iron Islands

Euron Greyjoy led the Iron Islands to independence, unlike his brother's two failed attempts. Over the course of the winter and The Long Night, the Ironborn reaved the coasts of the other kingdoms. However, as the winter dragged on, the mainland became more and more desolate, which made it so the Iron Islands could no longer sustain themselves from reaving.

When Aegon Blackfyre called the armies of the living to fight in The Long Night, the Ironborn joined him under Norjen I Greyjoy, firstborn son of Euron, because they knew it was their only hope of survival.

Following King Norjen II's death in 400 AC, a Kingsmoot was called. Despite many uneasy opinions, Norjen's daughter, Perra, was able to secure the throne as the first Queen.

Perra Greyjoy is the current Queen of the Iron Islands.


Many houses of Dorne supported the Targaryen claimant during the Targaryen Rebellion of 390 AC, following House Martell's lead. However, House Yronwood was a major supporter of the Blackfyres in the conflict. Following the conclusion of the Targaryen Rebellion, all of Dorne bent the knee to the Blackfyres.

In 391 AC. the Yronwoods lost their lord, and a succession crisis followed that became a small but bloody affair. The Yronwood Successsion Struggle lasted a year and claimed the lives of many members of the house. Prince Calon Martell stepped in and end the crisis before the house caused its own extinction. Following the Martell troops marching to the Stone Way in 392 AC and putting an end to the kinslaying, the eldest of the surviving Yronwood available for the title and lands was granted them, Lady Obara Yronwood.

Calon Martell is the current Prince of Dorne.