The small council is a group of advisors who advise the King on the Iron Throne on matters of policy. Each member has their own area of expertise. Aegon I Targaryen relied on councillors after being crowned, but it was not until the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen that the small council was formalized.

The council members are appointed and dismissed by the king as he wills; a right freely used during times of war and strife. Traditionally, the council consists of seven permanent members; after the Andal traditions and the Faith of the Seven. They are the following:

  • Hand of the King
  • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Master of Coin - head of the treasury and finances of the kingdom.
  • Master of Laws - oversees law and justice of the kingdom.
  • Master of Whisperers - the spymaster, and head of intelligence.
  • Master of Ships - oversees the navy.
  • Grand Maester - head advisor on matters of lore and wisdom.

However, it is not unusual for the council to include additional members as advisors.

The small council
Under Baelon I Blackfyre Current
  • tbd, Hand of the King
  • Lord Commander Gavin Yronwood
  • Lord Lomas Mertyns, Master of Coin
  • tbd, Master of Laws
  • tbd, Master of Whisperers
  • tbd, Master of Ships
  • Grand Maester Polliver


  • Lord Horas Redwyne, Master of Ships

Former small councils
Under Maegor I Blackfyre
Under Aegon I Blackfyre