Ser Lann Marbrand is a knight of House Marbrand and the son and heir of Lord Lucion Marbrand of Ashemark. He is one of the more renowned swordsmen in the service of Lord Gerion Lannister.

Appearance and Character Edit

Lann is a tall, handsome knight of three-and-twenty years with golden hair with streaks of copper in it.

Known as one of the finest swords in the West, Lann is a talented warrior and horseman, known to be exceptional with the longsword. Lann squired at Casterly Rock, where he served as a household knight for some time and made a name for himself as a daring captain of cavalry.

A cynical man, Lann is disillusioned with Westerosi feudal society, yet still aspires to the more enlightened aspects of chivalry. Known to the West as a dashing young knight from a great and ancient family, Lann is one of the West's most eligible bachelors.

Recently... Edit

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