Randyll Tarly is the exiled younger brother to Lord Aemon Tarly and his siblings. Brash and hotheaded, Randyll often got into fights with the other children his age, and even put out another boys eye whilst a Squire.

In 388 A.C, in a fit of rage, he murdered several men in a tavern. As punishment, his brother Lord Aemon sent him to the Wall. Unwilling to serve at the Wall as a glorified prisoner, Randyll fled to Essos with those guards he could convince to follow him, those that he couldn’t meeting a violent, bloody end on the road. He was stripped of his knighthood, and sentenced to death in his absence.

At present, he commands the ‘Sunset Swords’ sellsword company, a small band numbering just over a hundred with a penchant for causing unnecessary bloodshed. He styles himself ‘Lord Heartsbane’.

He has twin sons, Harlon and Herndon, fathered on a freed Lysene bed slave he keeps close to himself.  They have seen ten namedays and serve as his ‘Squires’.

He is seven and thirty, and personally worships R'hllor, although allows his men to follow whichever faith they wish.

Recent Events Edit

After a contract in Yunaki, Randyll and the Sunset Swords travel to Dorne after meeting with Darren Martell in Volantis.