Perra Greyjoy is the only daughter to King Norjen II Greyjoy, who died in 400 AC. She has two living brothers, one a cripple and another having recently turned up after missing for decades.

History Edit

Perra has spent most of her life training to kill and steal, following the ironborn tradition of reaving the best she could. When she was able to get her own ship and crew, she quickly became a menace on the seas, learning from her father and expecting to become the first Queen of the Iron Islands when she was grown.

She's gained a reputation of being lustful, something she doesn't try to hide in the slightest after learning that the ironborn don't care which sex she chooses to sleep with at any given time.

Recent Events Edit

400 AC. Edit

After the death of her father, Perra prepares for the upcoming kingsmoot where she hopes to become the Iron Island's first queen. After failing to find a dragon egg in Ironman's Bay, she manages to come out of the kingsmoot as Queen of the Iron Islands with enemies of her rule already made clear, including her oldest brother after learning the truth of his lineage.

Quotes Edit

“Has the Kraken’s Cunt been told? Has she kept her arse off the Seastone Chair?!” - Veron Drumm