Meredyth Grafton is the current regent of House Grafton and de facto Lady of Gulltown. After her brother's death, a power struggle ensured that caused Meredyth to make a series of decisions that may effect the future of her house.

History Edit

After a tragic event some years ago left Meredyth crippled, her brother dead, and his six year old son left as lord, House Grafton found itself in dire straits. Meredyth was a wedded woman, with one sickly child, suffering undoubtable infidelity from a man that sought to control her, and even as he made his bids for power, the wife of her late brother resurfaced in an attempt to take the regency from Meredyth.

Perhaps the worst of it all was that Meredyth’s son was as sickly as her young nephew. In order to secure order in the politics of Gulltown, she was forced to make a series of controversial decisions that left her drained and fatigued, her sister-in-law hanged upon accusations of treason against the Vale and the House of Grafton.

Recent History Edit

400 AC dawns on a twenty-eight year old Meredyth, with the fallout of her actions yet unknown to her. One thing is certain, though – she will pay for her decisions, and have to maneuver her entire life, if only for the safety of her nephew, son, and herself.