Laenor Velaryon, First of that Noble Name, Fifth King of Elyria, Lord of the Waters, Scion of Old Valyria and Master of the Gulf of Grief is the reigning King of the island nation of Elyria, and head of the Elyrian branch of House Velaryon. He is known for his dark moods and deep hatred of Mantaryan's.

History Edit

Laenor was born the first child of four to the then Prince Aerion Velaryon (later Aerion II) in 373 A.C. Following his grandfather's death in 378 A.C, the young boy rose to become the Crown Prince. In 384 A.C, Laenor's father began the First Elyrian-Mantaryan War, with Laenor serving as his fathers squire from 386 A.C until the conflict ended in 390 A.C.

In 391 A.C, Aerion II died, and Laenor succeeded his father. He, in 393 A.C, began the Second Elyrian-Mantaryan War. Laenor commanded his men personally, and slaughtered a great many Mantaryan's himself. His bastard brother, Daeron of Elyria, served as his squire during the conflict. The conflict continued until 395 A.C, when the Queen, Vaella Velaryon, died shortly after giving birth to the current heir to the throne, a daughter by the name of Laena.

As of 400 A.C, Mantarys and Elyria are in a period of tenuous peace.

Recent Events Edit

King Laenor still mourns the death of his beloved wife. In 400 A.C, he, his sister Rhaenys and cousin Corlys begin to plot a conquest of Mantarys and Tolos.

Quotes Edit

“We’re going to take Mantarys and Tolos. Elyria is too small for the people that wish to live here, and the lands ruled by both the Tolosi and Mantaryan’s could be most useful. Your marriage would allow us to act without having to worry about the Meereenese, and as long as the Volantene’s get a sizable cut of the profits, they too will not act against us.” - Laenor Velaryon to his cousin, Corlys.