Princess Jayne Arryn is the third daughter of King Yohn Arryn.

History Edit

Jayne has spent most of her time in the Eyrie and its castles below, as secluded as any other Arryn. She doesn't get along as well with her siblings, save for her bastard brother Sylas of the same age, and hasn't shown as much of an interest in power or fame or gold.

Instead, what she's always valued is a place to relax, write, and be safe. She still prefers to have an eye on the state of her kingdom, however, just to have the information in case she needs it.

Recent Events Edit

Year 400 AC. Edit

Jayne accompanies her family to the Grand Tournament of Seagard.

Family Edit

Yohn Arryn, father

Tyta Hersy, mother (deceased)

Aregelle Arryn, sister

Helicent Arryn, sister

Bethany Arryn, sister

Corwyn Arryn, brother

Lancel Arryn, brother