Lord Jasper Royce is a member of House Royce of Runestone and is the Lord of Runestone. He is known around Runestone for being charitable and kind to the smallfolk who often come asking him for aid.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Lord Royce is a tall and strong man with a comely face. Often said to have a beautiful smile which he likes to show when he can. He has the traditional Royce features with bright green eyes and black hair yet unlike many Bronze Lords before him, he likes to have a clean shaven face.

Jasper is a fierce and stubborn young man, who like most young lords believes his way of ruling is the best way. That mindset often leads him to conflicts with his wiser sister, Mya and his overly ambitious uncle Halys.



Born 380 AC,the only son of Lord Theo Royce and Lady Ysilla Redfort. He is the only son and second child, his mother died shortly after she gave birth to his sisters Dacey and Melissa.

He found a mother in his aunt, Cassana Royce as well as a few of the smallfolk servants. One of the few reasons that he began to sneak out of Runestone with his younger sister Dacey to be amongst the smallfolk as a way to see how they lived.

His cousins, Lyanna, Larra and Harys were like siblings to him. They'd often be beside him whenever he was in trouble which was often.


Jasper became a squire to his own father who taught him that a good lord should value duty to his people over his personal honor.

His father also taught him how to use a Warhammer due to their shared height and strength, he quickly became skilled at it using it during the melee at Runestone where he was knighted beside his cousin Harys.

Recent EventsEdit


Jasper became Lord after the sudden death of his father and shortly after he rode for Seagard after being invited to visit by the King of the Five Kingdoms, a jest Jasper loved to repeat.


Household MembersEdit

Ser Lomas, Master-At-Arms

Dickon, Advisor

Lucas, Falconer