Illyrio is a pirate captain on Dagger Lake.

Appearance and Character Edit

Has medium length black hair and a single blue eye and a white, useless eye with a long scar over it, usually covered with an eyepatch. He is above average in height and uses his left hand to fight. he is rather slender compared to the people he is around, although not sickly.

History Edit

Youth Edit

Illyrio was born in the slums of Pentos to an extremely poor family. He often went hungry as a child, resulting in him being almost gaunt until he was old enough to steal to provide for his family. When he was six-and-ten he was enlisted to help 'fishermen' who turned out to be pirates. Having lived in poverty his entire life it was a nice change of pace to have food and drink, and a place to sleep. He didn't mind at all actually. When he was five-and-twenty he duelled his old captain for command of the ship, feeling he wasn't taking enough risks. Illyrio won the duel but lost his left eye and the right ring finger in the process.

Current Events Edit

400 AC Edit

Illyrio sails dangerously close to the Sorrows and is attacked by The Cleftjaw, who he kills in combat and recruits his crew.

Illyrio meets another captain on a diplomatic meeting but ends up killing him and recruiting his crew and taking his ship. He assigns another pirate, Xhobar, to be the Captain of that ship.

Illyrio attacks the Ryonish under Nymor on Dagger Lake, before being interrupted by a Qohorik ship.

Quotes Edit

‘You’re a very fucking hard bastard to kill.’ -The Cleftjaw's dying words about Illyrio