House Yronwood of Yronwood is the most powerful house in Dorne after House Martell. Yronwood Castle is the last fortress defending the Boneway; this is reflected in their title Warden of the Stone Way.

House Yronwood is an ancient family who once ruled half of Dorne as the Kings of Yronwood, with domains significantly greater than House Martell of Sunspear. House Yronwood established Yronwood in the high valleys and green foothills below the peaks and seized control of the Stone Way, the second of the two great passes into Dorne. Well protected and comparably fertile, their lands were also well timbered and possessed of valuable deposits of iron, tin, and silver.

History (300 A.C -) Edit

300 A.C - 320 A.C Edit

304 A.C: After Aegon ‘Targaryen’ is revealed as a Blackfyre and Princess Arianne’s withdrawal of troops, Lord Anders Yronwood defies his liege and marches in Aegon’s name.

309 A.C: After his return from Meereen, Anders’ nephew, Archibald, married Gwyneth Yronwood, Anders own daughter and heir.

311 A.C: A son is born to Gwyneth and Archibald, named Quentyn (in honour of Quentyn Martell.)

315 A.C: Twin boys are born to Gwyneth and Archibald, named Cletus and Doran.

320 A.C: Lord Anders dies, his daughter Gwyneth succeeds him.

321 A.C - 340 A.C Edit

329 A.C: At the age of nine-and-ten, Quentyn Yronwood married Mariah Manwoody.

334 A.C: A child is born to Quentyn and Mariah, a boy, Mors.

335 A.C: Archibald Yronwood dies in the War for the Dawn, his son, Doran, would die a few months later.

336 A.C: Cletus Yronwood marries a bastard of House Blackmont.

337 A.C: A Son is born to Cletus Yronwood and his wife, Gavin.

340(?) A.C: Cletus Yronwood dies during the Battle of the Wall.

341 A.C - 360 A.C Edit

350 A.C: Mors Yronwood marries Loreza Uller.

352 A.C: Anders Yronwood is born to Mors and Loreza.

353 A.C Twins are born to Mors and Loreza, Yorick and Yoren.

357 A.C: At the age of sixty, Lady Gwyneth Yronwood dies, her son, Quentyn, succeeds her.

359 A.C: Olyvar Yronwood is born to Mors and Loreza.

361 A.C - 380 A.C Edit

368 A.C Yorick Yronwood marries Teora Qorgyle, his twin Yoren, marries Cassella Dayne (A Dayne of High Hermitage)

370 A.C: Mors Yronwood is born to Yorick and Teora. Benedict Yronwood is born to Yoren and Cassella.

372 A.C: A daughter is born to Mors and Loreza, Dorea.

374 A.C: Lord Quentyn dies, Lord Mors succeeds him. Olyvar Yronwood married Jeyne Drinkwater.

375 A.C: Loreza Uller dies. A few months later, Loreza is born to Yorick and Teora.

376 A.C: Obara Yronwood is born to Olyvar and Jeyne.

377 A.C: Yorick Yronwood is born to Yorick Yronwood and his wife.

381 A.C - 400 A.C Edit

385 A.C: Archibald Yronwood is born to Yoren Yronwood and his wife.

387 A.C Meria Yronwood is born to Yoren Yronwood and his wife. Lord Mors dies, his son, Anders, succeeds him.

390 A.C: In the First Targaryen Rebellion, Lord Anders Yronwood rallies in Baelon’s name, fighting off the forces loyal to the Martell’s and Targaryens. His sister, Dorea, is married to Prince Calon.

391 A.C: The Yronwood Succession Struggle occurs, with both Yorick and Yoren Yronwood pushing their claim for the seat after the death of Lord Anders Yronwood.

392 A.C: Following the YSS, Lady Obara Yronwood becomes the Lady of Yronwood at the age of six-and-ten.

400 A.C: Lady Obara is Lady of Yronwood, and remains unmarried.

Recent Events Edit

Obara Yronwood and her cousin, Archibald, travel to Sunspear to join other Dornish Lords travelling to Seagard.

Notable Yronwood's (300 A.C -) Edit

Gwyneth Yronwood: Lady of Yronwood from 320 A.C to 357 A.C. Mother of Quentyn, Cletus and Doran. Known for being a good friend to House Martell. She was known as 'Old Lady Yronside' in her later years. When she died, she was, curiously, widely mourned throughout Dorne.

Quentyn Yronwood: Lord of Yronwood from 357 A.C to 374 A.C. Father of Mors. Named after Quentyn Martell, his loyalty to the Martell's was noted for being unquestioning. He was a renowned Knight, winning a number of tourneys throughout his life.

Mors Yronwood: Lord of Yronwood from 374 A.C to 387 A.C. Father of Anders, Yorick, Yoren, Olyvar and Dorea. He was known for turning his back on his two predecessors loyalty to Dorne, instead turning back to House Blackfyre.

Anders Yronwood: Lord of Yronwood from 387 A.C to 391 A.C. Sided with the Blackfyre's during the First Targaryen Rebellion in the hopes that he would be named Prince of Dorne. Died without issue. This was a contributing factor to the outbreak of the Yronwood Succession Struggle.

Gavin Yronwood: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Son of Ser Cletus Yronwood.

Benedict Yronwood: Son of Yoren Yronwood and his wife. Was known as a brutal young man (and is suspected of the murder of his Uncle, Anders Yronwood), and sat as acting Lord Yronwood for several months during the Succession Struggle. Died during a foolish charge against Martell forces.