House Tyrell of Highgarden is one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms, being Lords Paramount of the Mander and the liege lords of the Reach. A large, wealthy house, its wealth is only surpassed among the Great Houses by House Lannister, and the Tyrells can field the greatest armies. Additionally, if they call the ships of the Redwyne fleet, the lords of the Shield Islands, and the coastal lords, they can command a navy that equals if not surpasses the royal fleet of King's Landing.

Highgarden is an ancient seat of rule and the heart of chivalry in the Seven Kingdoms; the Tyrells style themselves 'Defenders of the Marches' and 'High Marshals of the Reach', and traditionally, they have been Wardens of the South in addition to Lords Paramount of the Mander. Their sigil is a golden rose on a green field, and their words are "Growing Strong." Members of the family tend to have curly brown hair and brown or golden eyes.

History Edit

300 AC - 306 AC Edit

The year 300 AC marked the first year of King Aegon Blackfyre's invasion. The young Blackfyre came in force, quickly taking the Stormlands and declaring war on House Lannister for the Iron Throne. Realizing that Queen Regent Cersei Lannister is quickly losing control of the throne and it's vassals, Lord Paramount Mace Tyrell attempts to flee King's Landing with his daughter, Queen Margaery. The two are caught and Mace is executed for treason.

Upon hearing of his father's death, Willis Tyrell raises the banners of the Reach in support of the invading Aegon "Targaryen".

Lord Garlan Tyrell and Ser Garth Greysteel march a large regiment of Reach soldiers and knights to Old Town liberating it of Ironborn invaders. Garth is named Lord of the Hightower.

With the strength of the Reach, Stormlands, and Golden Company, House Lannister capitulates to Aegon "Targaryen", who is later revealed to truly be Aegon Blackfyre. Willis Tyrell swears fealty to the newly crowned Aegon, and returns to Highgarden.

In 306 AC, Willis Tyrell dies childless. His brother, Garlan Tyrell, inherits becoming Lord Paramount of the Mander.

306 AC - 335 AC Edit

Leo Tyrell is born to Lord Paramount Garlan in the weening months of 306 AC. In 308 AC Victaria and Victor Tyrell, the twins of Lord Garlan are born at Highgarden. And in 310 AC, Mace Tyrell, is born.

In 314 AC, eight year old Leo Tyrell is squired by his father and in 318 AC his brother Victor is sent to be squired in Oldtown and his sister Victaria is sent to Cider hall to serve as a handmaiden. Mace Tyrell joins the citadel in 323 AC.

In 327 AC, Leo marries the daughter of the Lord Redwyne while his brother marries a daughter of the Lord Hightower. A year later in 328 AC Quentin Tyrell is born to Victor and his wife. Leo Tyrell's firstborn son dies of a winter fever a few days after birth.

In 330 AC Lord Paramount Garlan Tyrell now in his late fifties, raises his banners in support of King Aegon Blackfyre and against the encroaching army of the undead from the north. In 335 AC Lord Paramount Garlan is slain at the Battle of Harrenhal leaving his son Leo to lead the forces of the Reach. Leo proves himself a skilled warrior and tactician.

335 AC - 340 AC Edit

Lord Paramount Leo leads a series of successful assaults against the wights. In 340 AC in one of the final battles of the War for the Dawn, Leo Tyrell supposedly slew two giants before being killed in one-on-one combat with one The Others. His brother Ser Victor Tyrell inherits the Reach.

340 AC - 369 AC Edit

With the War for the Dawn won, Lord Paramount Victor leads what little of his forces remain back south. His son, Quentin, is knighted for his valor in combat against the undead.

Quentin Tyrell marries a lady of House Rowan.

In 348 AC Alysanne Tyrell is born to Ser Quentin. In honor of the birth of his first grandchild Lord Paramount Victor hosts the largest tourney and feast since the conclusion of the War for the Dawn. The tournament is known as the "Tournament of the Summer Rose" and is cited as one of the most extravagant affairs the realm had ever seen.

In 355 AC, Mace Tyrell becomes an archmaester of the citadel. Olenna Tyrell is born later the same year to Ser Quentin and his wife. In 357 AC, Leona Tyrell is born to Ser Quentin.

Lorent Tyrell is born in 363 AC to Ser Quentin, he is a sickly and frail.

In 396 AC Lord Paramount Victor Tyrell passes. Ser Quentin Tyrell inherits the Reach.

369 AC - 389 AC Edit

In 379 AC, Ser Lorent Tyrell marries a Lady of House Tarly. Theodore Tyrell is born less than a year later. The couple's daughter, Alicent is born in 381 AC.

In 387 AC, Theodore Tyrell becomes a squire. Loras Tyrell is born in the last month of 387 AC.

Lord Paramount Quentin Tyrell falls ill and passes not long after.

389 AC - 398 AC Edit

Lord Paramount Lorent Tyrell becomes ill and is confined to a wheelchair. In 390 AC the Lord Paramount brands House Hightower traitors to the realm after declaring war on the crown. He raises his banners in support of House Blackfyre.

In 398 AC, Lord Paramount Lorent dies suddenly of a fever. His son, Theodore Tyrell inherits the Reach. Becoming the Lord Paramount of the Mander and Warden of the South at the age of 19.

398 AC - Edit

Lord Paramount Theodore rules in Highgarden.

Current Members Edit

Theodore Tyrell - Lord of Highgarden and Lord Paramount of the Mander

Alicent Tyrell - Theodore's sister

Loras Tyrell - Theodore's brother

Leona Tyrell - Theodore's aunt

Willas Tyrell - Knight of the Kingsguard

Ser Harlan Tyrell - Lord Marshal of the Reach, and Lord of Thorn Keep. Theo's uncle