House Tully of Riverrun is the ruling house over the Riverlands. They are known as being neutral supporters of House Blackfyre, yet were highly supportive towards House Targaryen during the First Targaryen Rebellion. Despite this, the majority of the Riverlands are still loyal to the Great House. Symond Tully is the current Lord Paramount.



304-342 AC.Edit

Edmure Tully swore fealty to Aegon Blackfyre and helped him in taking the Throne from the Lannisters. After the War of the Five Kings, control of Riverrun was given back to House Tully, alongside the paramountcy as a token of gratitude from the king.

Edmure and his wife, Roselyn of House Frey, go on to have another two children, never truly recovering from the death of their firstborn son. They had a son and daughter; Brynden Tully and Alys Tully, who later married into House Blackwood.

In 308 AC., Brynden Tully returned to Riverrun much to the shock of his nephew. With him, he brought a wife, Margot, and twins Alannys and Hoster. Thrilled with the return of his uncle, Edmure wrote to the king asking for the legitimization of his cousins.

At some point in 314 AC., Roselyn dies birthing their fourth child - a son. The boy was left unnamed and died several hours after his mother. With the death of Roselyn, Edmure enters a deep brooding mood that affects Riverrun strongly.

327 AC. sees the death of Brynden Tully being remembered in the same way as his brother. After a few years, Margot takes her son and other daughter, Cynthea, away across the Narrow Sea. She is forced to leave Alannys behind as she is betrothed to her cousin.

In 342 AC., Edmure Tully dies at the age of 70, having spent the last decade deteriorating. His death results in his son, Brynden Tully, becoming the new Lord of Riverrun, alongside the Lord Paramountcy.

342-363 AC.Edit

In 332 AC., Brynden Tully marries his cousin, Alannys, marrying in a private ceremony.

Alannys gives birth to Rosamund Tully in 336 AC., who eventually becomes the Lady Paramount before her suicide.

In 349 AC., Alannys Tully gives birth to Symond Tully, the current Lord Paramount of the Riverlands.

351 AC., brings the death of Margot - the mother of Alannys Tully. She is so distraught about her mother's death that she becomes bedridden for several days.

Cynthea and Hoster return to Riverrun in 355 AC., hoping to reconnect with lost family members. Hoster introduces his family to his heavily pregnant wife. Hoster is named the castellan of Riverrun while Cynthea becomes a popular minstrel who travels around the Riverlands.

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