House Tarly of Horn Hill is a noble house of the Reach and one of the principal bannermen of House Tyrell. Their seat, Horn Hill is located in the foothills of the Red Mountains. Their sigil is the striding huntsman on green. Marcher lords of the Dornish Marches, the Tarlys are a family old in honor with rich lands and a strong keep. They were also the keepers of a Valyrian greatsword called Heartsbane, although it was lost at the battle of Harrenhal with Dickon Tarly.

The current head of House Tarly is Aemon Tarly.

History Edit


300 A.C - 310 A.C Edit

In 300 A.C, after his liege lord tried and failed to flee Kings Landing, the then Lord, Randyll Tarly, remained as Master of Laws. Meanwhile at his House's seat, the bastard of his eldest son, Aemon Flowers arrived with his mother, later known as 'Lady Gillyflower'. Randyll's son, Dickon, married Eleanor Mooton.

In 304 A.C, with the forces of Aegon 'Targaryen' besieging the capital, Lord Randyll made a momentous choice, and rallied the Gold Cloaks in Aegon's name.

A year later, in 305 A.C, a son was born to Dickon Tarly and his wife, with another son, Samwyle born three years later.

310 A.C - 320 A.C Edit

In 310 A.C, Aemon Flowers was taken on as his grandfather's Squire. Originally showing nothing but distaste for the boy, Randyll's attitude would change somewhat after the young Aemon proved a far better hunter and warrior than his father, Samwell.

In 318 A.C, Randyll knighted Aemon Flowers at the age of eight and ten.

320 A.C - 330 A.C Edit

In 325 A.C, Mandryd Tarly married a Lady of House Merryweather.

In 327 A.C, Lord Randyll died at the age of seven and sixty. His son, Dickon Tarly became the Lord of Horn Hill. A year later, Mandryd's wife gave birth to a son, who would be named after his grandfather.

330 A.C - 340 A.C Edit

In 334 A.C, young Randyll Tarly died of a fever, with 'Lady Gillyflower' following a few months later. Three years later, Ser Aemon Flowers joined the Kingsguard of King Aegon I Blackfyre. He'd adopt the name Aemon Snow to honour his mother and birth place.

At the Battle of Harrenhal, House Tarly lost both its Lord and its valyrian steel blade, Heartsbane. His eldest son and his brother died at the Battle of the Wall.

340 A.C - 350 A.C Edit

After the War for the Dawn, Samwyle Tarly, now Lord of Horn Hill married his first wife, a Lady from House Crane. After the War, he'd name all of his children after famous heroes.

In 347 A.C, Aemon Tarly was born, due to his famous relative, he becomes known as Aemon the Younger.

350 A.C - 360 A.C Edit

In 354 A.C, Nymeria Tarly was born to Lord Samwyle and his wife. It was in 356 A.C that Lord Samwyle hosted a grand hunt for the Lords of the Reach. In 355 A.C, Aemon Tarly was taken on as a Squire by his father.

358 A.C was a bad year for House Tarly, with both Ser Aemon Snow and Lady Tarly dying, Ser Aemon in a hunting accident, and Lady Tarly in childbirth.

360 A.C - 370 A.C Edit

In 360 A.C, Lord Samwyle remarried, this time to a Fossaway Lady. A year later, the twins Arthur and Marla were born. The last child of Lord Samwyle, Randyll, was born in 363 A.C.

In 369 A.C, against his father's wishes, Aemon Tarly married Margaery Flowers, a bastard of House Risley. Father and Son did not speak for a number of years afterwards, only reconciling when Samwyle was on his deathbed.

370 A.C - 380 A.C Edit

In 375 A.C, a son was born to Aemon and Margaery, Renly. Barely a year later, Lord Samwyle died, leaving Aemon to succeed him.

In 376 A.C, Arthur Tarly journeyed to Oldtown to begin his studies to become a Maester.

In 378 A.C,

In 379 A.C, A second son, Mace, was born to Lord Aemon and Margaery.

380 A.C - 390 A.C Edit

In 381 A.C, Jocelyn Tarly, the only daughter of Lord Aemon and Margaery was born.

388 A.C saw Theodore Tyrell come to Horn Hill to serve as his Uncle's squire. A year later, In 388 A.C, in a fit of rage, Randyll Tarly murdered several men in a tavern, as punishment, Lord Aemon sent him to the Wall. Unwilling to serve at the Wall as a glorified prisoner, Randyll fled to Essos with those guards he could convince to follow him, those that he couldn’t meeting a violent, bloody end on the road.

390 A.C - 400 A.C Edit

In 390 A.C, during the First Targaryen Rebellion, Lord Aemon Tarly led his forces against the traitorous Lord Hightower.

At present, Lord Aemon serves as an advisor for Lord Paramount Theodore Tyrell.