House Mallister of Seagard is one of the most prominent noble houses from the riverlands. Seagard is a fortress built to defend the coast against the reavers from the Iron Islands, and dates from before Aegon Targaryen's Conquest. The Mallisters distrust the ironborn.

Seat Edit

Cape of Eagles- A cape in the Riverlands that juts out into Ironman's Bay, pointing the way to the Iron Islands. It is located west of Seagard and is ruled by House Mallister.

Seagard- A town and castle in the northern Riverlands. It is the seat of House Mallister. Located on the western coast along Ironman's Bay, Seagard is sheltered by the Cape of Eagles and is nestled near the headwaters of the Blue Fork. It is southwest of the Twins and northwest of Oldstones. The castle of Seagard was built to defend the coast from ironborn reavers.

The Booming Tower- A large bell tower named for the immense bronze bell, used to call the townsfolk and others into the safety of the castle, Seagard, when longships are sighted.

History Edit

300-320 AC. Edit

Lord Jason Mallister initially supports Robb Stark as king in the War of the Five Kings prior to him and his son, Patrek, becoming prisoners of House Frey. Jason died while imprisoned, making Patrek Mallister the Lord of Seagard.

Following Aegon Blackfyre being crowned in 304 AC., Patrek was released from the Freys and returned to Seagard. He swore fealty both to the new king and his new Lord Paramount and best friend, Edmure Tully.

The devastating winter the led to the Long Night began in this time, Seagard was among the first to deal with wights in the South, being so near the Neck. At some point in the winter, the full strength of army of wights, controlled by the Others, struck Seagard.

Lord Patrek Mallister is remembered as a Hero of the Long Night, having rung the Booming Tower's bronze bell for the first and only time to warn the town of an invasion that wasn't Ironborn. As a result of his warning, it is said most of the town was able to survive the conflict now known as the Sack of Seagard. Patrek was presumed dead in the fighting, naming his eldest son Lord of Seagard.

Patrek's three sons continued to fight the wights that made their way into the Cape of Eagles and eventually joined with other armies and forces of the living.

320-340 AC. Edit

In the last decade or so of the Long Night, King Aegon Blackfyre called the armies of the living to unite and force the dead back Beeyond the Wall. The three Mallister brothers were among the very first to answer the king's call to arms.

Over the course of the War for the Dawn, each of the brothers gave their life for the dawn. By the end of the Long Night, the male line of House Mallister had gone extinct, leaving Patrek Mallister's youngest child and daughter, Brea, Lady of Seagard.

340-360 AC. Edit

Lady Brea proves to be just as strong and capable as her legendary father and three warrior brothers. During her ladyship, she expelled the last of the wights in the Cape of Eagles, saw the town of Seagard repaired from the sacking, and developed a strong relation with the Iron Throne and House Blackfyre, just as her brothers before her.

Brea and her husband struggle to conceive an heir for House Mallister, however, her Vance husband is able to impregnate a serving girl in the castle of Seagard. Renly Rivers was born in 355 AC.

Finally, in 357 AC., Brea gives birth to her only child and son, Alyx Mallister, at a rather advanced age.

360-380 AC. Edit

Lady Brea arranged the marriage of her heir Alyx and Celia Tully, daughter of the Lord Paramount, in 373 AC.

In 375 AC. Lady Brea died in her sleep and her only son, Alyx Mallister, was named Lord of Seagard.

380-400 AC. Edit

During the Targaryen Rebellion, House Mallister remained loyal to King Baelon Blackfyre, despite his liege, Lord Tully, supporting the Targaryens.

Recent Events Edit

400 AC. Edit

Lord Alyx is summoned to King's Landing to meet with King Baelon.