House Clegane of Clegane's Keep are formerly a House of Landed Knights, granted a Lordship after the events of the Long Night. Clegane's Keep is an unimpressive but notable towerhouse southeast of Lannisport, situated about halfway between Crakehall and Silverhill. Their reputation of being Lannister servants still dogs them to this day, as does their penchant for warfare. The Cleganes have distaste for those who rebelled against the King during the First Targaryen Rebellion, as well as the Ironborn who raid the shores of the Westerlands.

The current head of House Clegane is Desmond Clegane.

Seat Edit

Clegane's Keep: Clegane's Keep is a towerhouse atop a hill, situated about halfway between Crakehall and Silverhill. It's height allows it a good view of the surrounding areas and the village below, and stores are kept in the cellars in case of a siege. It may not provide the same defense as a full castle, but it services well enough.

After some renovations begun as Desmond left for the Tourney, Clegane's Keep is now a combination of two joined towerhouses surrounded by a tight perimeter wall.

Dog's Rest: The village below the towerhouse is named Dog's Rest, having been renamed after the location and surrounding lands were granted to the Cleganes when they were first landed. It's economy largely relies on the Lannister mines and the forests nearer Crakehall, producing timber and other forms of woodwork in ample number.

History Edit

300-304 AC Edit

House Clegane participated in the War of the Five Kings under command of Gregor Clegane, siding with his liege-lord Tywin Lannister in backing Joffrey Baratheon. Gregor commanded his troops with and iron fist, and a number of atrocities were committed by men under his command, as well as the Mountain himself. Gregor was named as Cersei's champion during the Trial of Tyrion Lannister, and though he killed Oberyn Martell, he was poisoned by the Red Viper's spear and succumbed, only to be brought back by Qyburn. After his reanimation, Cersei placed him on the Kingsguard.

Sandor Clegane was a member of the Kingsguard up until the Battle of the Blackwater, when he fled King's Landing after refusing to fight for King Joffrey any further. He ran North, encountering the Brotherhood Without Banners and informing them that the "boy" Ary was in fact Arya Stark. The girl accused him of killing one of her friends years earlier, upon which a Trial by Combat was ordained. The Hound killed Beric Dondarrion and was set free, but stalked the Brotherhood for some time and managed to capture Arya. He intended to ransom her to her mother and brother, only to arrive just in time for the Red Wedding. He then attempted to sell her to her aunt Lysa, again, only to learn he was too late, and she was dead. At this point, the two come across Brienne of Tarth, who seemingly kills the man in order to take Arya back to Winterfell.

304-340 AC Edit

Sandor was not killed in his fight with Brienne. He survived the warrior woman, and regrouped with the Brotherhood Without Banners who were marching North to the Wall. What he saw there convinced him that the bigger fight was yet to come, and rushed South to help end the war so that Westeros could fight the Other as one. The Hound helped Aegon take King's Landing, managing to exact revenge by killing his monstrous brother. He was rewarded with a Lordship, and became the Lord of Clegane's Keep. Sandor spent the rest of his days fighting the Others, managing to have a few children to pass his legacy on before he was heroically killed during the Battle for the Dawn. Dominic Clegane took the mantle of Lord of Clegane's Keep, and saw the House through the rest of the Long Night.

390-400 AC Edit

When the First Targaryen Rebellion first began, the head of House Clegane was Beric Clegane, Sandor's grandson. Beric brought men and his two sons with him in service of Tyrek Lannister, on the side of the Royalists. He was far passed his prime, however, and was killed in the first half of the War. His eldest son, Desmond, took command of their forces, and proved a far better commander and warrior than his father, even killing a Targaryen in battle. He and his brother served their King with fury and fierce loyalty, and at the end of the hostilities, both found themselves under consideration for the same Kingsguard position. Desmond deferred it to his brother so that he could inherit Clegane's Keep.

Current Events Edit

Desmond and his two sisters, Johanna and Melesa, currently live in Clegane's Keep. The House was among those who were invited to participate in the King's Tourney at Seagard, which Desmond accepted.

Members Edit

(Arranged oldest to youngest)

Desmond Clegane, Knight and Lord of Clegane's Keep.

Unnamed Clegane, Knight and member of the Kingsguard.

Johanna Clegane

Melesa Clegane