House Baelish of Titansreach is a noble House hailing from The Vale. Once a major political plotter in Westeros, ever since the death of Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish, House Baelish has focused on the accumulation of wealth, forming 'The Baelish Bank' in order to do so.

They remain loyal to their royal family, House Arryn, even priding themselves as 'The Eagles Most Loyal'.

Seat: Titansreach Edit

The ancestral seat of House Baelish. Once a single watchtower, The Drearfort, thanks to the efforts of Lord Roland Baelish, the fortress of Titansreach was built onto and around the tower. The tower itself serves as the Lord’s residence.

The Baelish Bank is headquartered in a grandiose building, taller than all others in Titansreach, save the Drearfort. Its walls are a pristine white, with black roof panels, the Titans Head watching all those that entered. It was designed by noted Braavosi architect Mero Dimittis in 357 A.C.

History Edit

300 A.C - 320 A.C Edit

Petyr Baelish, more commonly known to history as 'Littlefinger', starts plotting to claim the Iron Throne, manipulating then Lord Robert 'Sweetrobin' Arryn.

In 309 A.C, he reveals his supposed bastard son, Roland, and requests and receives the boy's legitimisation.

321 A.C - 340 A.C Edit

In 332 A.C, Littlefinger dies suddenly, possibly of poison. His son, Roland (then one-and-twenty), starts to recall all of his family's wealth to the Drearfort, and in 333 A.C, he marries Anya Upcliff. Three years later, Bryen Baelish is born. Over the next decade, four other children would be born to them, although Osric and Olena would die before adulthood.

Harrenhal, the great fortress given to them by King Joffery Baratheon was abandoned after

341 A.C - 360 A.C Edit

In the years after the War for the Dawn, Roland Baelish hands out a great many loans to the Lords of Westeros, bringing in a fortune in interest. This new wealth was used to found The Baelish Bank.

361 A.C - 380 A.C Edit

381 A.C - 400 A.C Edit

In 391 A.C, Robin Stone is born to Lord Bryen Baelish.


Recent Events Edit

House Baelish travel to Seagard to attend the Great Tourney there in 400 A.C

The Baelish Bank Edit

Formed by Lord Roland Baelish, the Baelish Bank is one of, if not the most influential Bank in Westeros, although is by no means no powerful than the Iron Bank of Braavos. They gained a great deal of wealth in the aftermath of the War for the Dawn, enough to expand their ancestral seat.

It was during the tenure of Lord Bryen that the Baelish Bank started giving out loans in Essos.

The headquarters were designed by Mero Dimittis, a notable Braavosi architect.

Cadet Branch: House Titan Edit

House Titan was 'founded' by the eldest bastard of Bryen Baelish, Robert. He married the daughter of one of is father's knights. They have three children, Hugh, Falena and Tyta.

They reside at Titansreach, in one of the guard towers, dubbing it 'The Bronze Tower', after one of the materials that the great Titan of Braavos is constructed from. They are loyal to House Baelish but do not show the same loyalty to House Arryn as they do.

Their 'words' are "Metal and Stone".