Prince Haegon is the second son of King Baelon I Blackfyre, and the only one still alive. He is one of the presumed heirs of his father, along with his nephew, Daeron. He has a nasty rivalry with his eldest living sibling, Princess Baela.

The prince is known for having a sharp tongue and being full of jests.

He is known to have established close friendships over the years with boys his own age; a fact used by some in court to spread gossip stating Haegon may prefer men to women in more than just friendship. King Baelon finds the rumors troubling, but Haegon has always brushed them aside with ease, like most things in his life.

History Edit

Similar to his father and Lord Mallister, Haegon managed to befriend the youngest son of Mallister following the end of the Targaryen Rebellion. Robb Mallister and Haegon spent the decade following the war in constant contact, finding any and all opportunities to see one another.

While residing in the Red Keep, Haegon was often times found in the yards, training with Ser Laenor Celtigar of the kingsguard or occasionally another knight when the Celtigar was unavailable.

Recent History Edit

400 AC. Edit

Haegon and Robb Mallister reunite in King's Landing for the first time in over a year. Both boys join their father's during the meeting they have to establish a future tourney. Haegon offers the idea of the event being held in Seagard, one Lord Alyx and King Baelon agree with.

At the Great Tourney at Seagard, Haegon and Robb enjoy spending as much time together as their stations as squire and prince allow.