Gerion Lannister is the current head of House Lannister and Lord Paramount of the West.

Appearance and Character Edit

Gerion is tall and muscular, with the Lannister blond hair and blue eyes. He keeps his face clean shaven and hair short, looking much like a young Tywin, however, he doesn't have the same dour look, at least not all the time.

History Edit

Youth Edit

Gerion was only seven-and-ten when the 1st Targaryen Rebellion broke out and immediately went with his father, Tyrek Lannister, and 25,000 men to smash the rebellious Riverlords. His father was severely wounded in battle and unable to command. Gerion was tutored in martial pursuit, however, was lacking any experience in leading battles. He mainly deferred to the War Council his father had put together until the war ended. Gerion was knighted by King Baelon himself for his efforts during the war. Sadly his father passed of an infected wound one week after Gerion turned eight-and-ten.

Lordship Edit

Seven-and-twenty and married to Lady Jocelyn Swyft, a woman two years his junior. He has one daughter, Joanna Lannister who is three.

Current Events Edit

400 AC- Edit

Attends the Tourney of Seagard with the rest of the Kingdom. When he arrives he voices his concerns over the possibility of Targaryen Rebels attemtping to capture other high ranking Blackfyre Loyalists.

Gerion faced a Darry knight after the feast at Seagard, beating him after only one tilt..