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Domeric Baratheon is the Lord of House Baratheon, as well as the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

History Edit

Domeric was born in 380 AC, the sixth of Lord Lyonel's children and his firstborn son after five girls were born to him. By the sole chance of being male, his birth meant that Domeric was now the heir to Storm's End, taking the position from his eldest sister Arianne Baratheon, who had been the heir for all of her 22 years.

In 390, during the First Targaryen Rebellion, Lyonel Baratheon took advantage of the disarray in the realm to declare war on House Connington, gathering his allies in the Stormlands and besieging Griffin's Roost. He died in battle, passing on the title of Lord of Storm's End to Domeric, while Domeric's uncle Borros took command of their forces. It was a short campaign but House Baratheon and their allies won, forcing Lord Connington to request that the title of Lord Paramount of the Stormlands be transferred to House Baratheon, which Domeric was given.

Recent Events Edit

In 400 AC Domeric is the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. Following the eight-and-tenth nameday of Criston Connington, a ward of House Baratheon following their rebellion against House Connington, he arranged a betrothal to Criston's twin sister Ravella Connington. They attended the Great Tourney at Seagard along with most of House Baratheon.

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Family Edit

Lyonel Baratheon - Father, deceased

Cyrenna Seaworth - Mother

Arianne Baratheon - Sister

Elys Baratheon - Sister

Argella Baratheon - Sister

Cassana Baratheon - Sister

Delena Baratheon - Sister

Cedric Baratheon - Brother

Borros Baratheon - Uncle, deceased

Tristifer Baratheon - Cousin