Deria is the eldest daughter and third-born child of Prince Aeron Martell. She followed her father and eldest brother, Prince Calon, in supporting the Targaryens during the rebellion in 390 AC.

Her childhood friend is Triston Dayne, the now Sword of the Morning and Lord of Starfall. The two became close whilst his father served as Master-at-Arms for Sunspear. Triston and Deria would play in the Water Gardens together as well as get into mischief around the Old Palace. Unfortunately, following the Targaryen Rebellion and Triston returning to Starfall, the two fell out of touch.

She is currently serving her brother Calon, the current Prince of Dorne, as an advisor and the Seneschal of Sunspear.

She is still unmarried, although she knows her marriage could bring an alliance her house and kingdom need.

Recent History Edit

400 AC. Edit

As Seneschal, Deria planned the entirety of the Dornish trip to the Great Tourney at Seagard, as well as the feast at Sunspear prior. With the help of Maester Jon, her cousin, Darren Martell, and Desmond Dalt, Deria succeeded in convincing her brother to the entire affair.

She is tasked with learning how the other lords as well as the Blackfyres feel towards the Martells. This was commanded of her by her brother, Prince Calon.

During the journey north and at the Great Tourney at Seagard, Deria and Lady Obara Yronwood begin to develop not only an alliance but also a friendship. At 'Archie' Yronwood's suggestion, the two houses successfully staged a scene of dornish unity at the feast in Seagard.