Criston Connington is a member of House Connington. He is the eldest of a pair of twins, and the second son born to Lord Raymund Connington and his late wife Allyria Dayne.

Criston, like his father and brother, have the traditional Connington coloring - red hair and green eyes. But that is where their similarities end, for his facial features speak more to his mother's heritage.

History Edit

Criston and Ravella Connington were born in the year 382 AC, following a night and a day of laboring by their mother, Allyria Dayne. Having already given her husband an heir, Lord Raymund was not present at the time of their birth, but when informed did seem pleased to have been given a second son and daughter.

When the Baratheons used the rebellion that the Targaryens started to launch a schism of their own in an effort to take back the Lord Paramountcy, their resulting victory came at the cost of a Connington ward. Criston went to live at Storm's End with the young Baratheon lord at the age of eight, leaving the sibling he often defended to fend for herself for the next ten years.