Celia Tully is the wife of Alyx Mallister, the Lord of Seagard, as well as the sister to Lord Paramount Symond Tully of Riverrun. Celia is currently residing at Riverrun with her husband and youngest children.

She and Alyx are known to be quite in love and act as a team in most things; including both raising their family and Alyx's duties as Castellan of Riverrun. The couple have six children together as well as one grandchild. Celia is often said to be a good mother.

During the Targaryen Rebellion, Celia and Alyx's bastard brother, Renly Rivers, held Seagard while Alyx was away commanding forces for the Iron Throne. She held the castle and Riverlands town in the name of House Blackfyre and the king, despite her own house and liege supporting the Targaryens.

Recent Events Edit

400 AC. Edit

Lady Celia had a surprise visit from her son Marq and daughter Elyana while Alyx was away in King's Landing. The two came to visit her at Riverrun, where Marq brought the news of a dragon.

At the Great Tourney at Seagard, Celia assisted Alyx in hosting the festivities.