Calon Martell is the current Prince of Dorne and a Targaryen supporter. He is one and thirty years old in 400 AC.

History Edit

During the reign of his father, Prince Aeron Martell, Calon fathered three bastard daughters named; Myriah, Falyse, and Larra. The heir's daughters were raised in the Old Palace and Water Gardens alongside the other children of Sunspear.

Duirng the Targaryen Rebellion of 390 AC, Prince Aeron declared House Martell and Dorne for the Targaryen claimant, Malarys Targaryen. Calon led House Martell's forces in many early battles of the war.

Following the Blackfyre victory, Calon was forced to marry Dorea Yronwood, a known Blackfyre loyalist. His younger sister, Tyene Martell, was sent to King's Landing as a ward and hostage.

Calon and Dorea were lucky enough to conceive on their wedding night. The couple despised one another from the beginning of the marriage, and never shared a bed following the bedding ceremony.

Nine months later, Vayon and Eon Martell are born.

In 392 AC. Prince Aeron, Calon's father, dies. Calon become the Prince of Dorne. Upon taking up the mantel, Calon's first major issue at hand was the Yronwood Succession Struggle. His wife Dorea is said to be the one who convinced her husband to step in to assist the rival house in ending their personal conflict.

In 396 AC. Asha Sand, Calon's youngest child, is born.

Current Events Edit

400 AC. Edit

Calon finds himself suffering from not only the loss of the Targaryen Rebellion 10 years ago, but also because of the end of a love affair with the only person he's ever known to love. He has recently shown a lack of interest in governing and is rarely seen without a drink in hand.