Lord Bryen Baelish is the current Lord of Titansreach, Head of House Baelish and Head of the Baelish Bank. An old man, it has been many years since he was in his prime, he now needs a cane to support him when he walks. A shrewd businessman and banker, Bryen has expanded the Baelish Bank’s sphere of influence to Essos, even siring a bastard, (Cossomo) with a Tyroshi noblewoman.

He is a staunch Arryn Loyalist.

History Edit

Bryen Baelish was born to Roland Baelish and his wife Anya Upcliff in 336 A.C. He was the eldest of five, although only three of the siblings would live to see adulthood.

He would watch as his father grew rich off of the debts he had given out to the Lords of Westeros in the aftermath of the Long Night, and would see the Baelish seat grow from a single tower, The Drearfort, to the stronghold now known as Titansreach. He, at the age of one-and-twenty was sent to Braavos to accompany a famous Braavosi Architect, Mero Dimittis to design and oversee the building of the Baelish Bank's headquarters. During his time in the Free City, he fell in love with Talea Volentin, the daughter of a Braavosi nobleman, and brought her back to Titansreach, initially as a lover, but later married her. He'd have two sons with her, Roland and Jon.

It was in 374 A.C, three years after the birth of Jon that his beloved wife would die of a sudden illness. Her death all but broke Bryen, who threw himself into his work in order to cope with his grief. He'd sire two bastards during this time, Tristifer in 375 A.C, and Cossomo in 377 A.C.

In 381 A.C, he'd remarry, this time to Myranda Moore. A year later, his only trueborn daughter, Alayne, was born. She was joined a year later by twins Jayne and Alyssa. His youngest child, Robin, was born in 391 A.C.

Recent Events Edit

Lord Bryen travels with most of his children to the Great Tourney at Seagard.

The Bastards of Baelish Edit

Over the years, Bryen Baelish has sired a number of bastards on a number of women:

Robert Titan: The eldest of all Bryen's children, and the Commander of Titansreach's Guard. His mother was a maid in the service of Lord Bryen's father. In 400 A.C, he is six-and-forty.

Tristifer Stone: An anointed Knight, and is known for his cruelty and manipulative nature. He reportedly abused his sisters Jeyne and Alyssa for not showing enough loyalty to the Royal House of Arryn. His mother was a Septa. In 400 A.C, he is five-and-twenty

Cossomo: Born with the name Alester, and the son of a tyroshi noblewoman, Cossomo is usually the primary point of contact for the Baelish Bank’s Essosi dealings. Dying his hair purple in the style of his mother’s people, he is fluent in both the common tongue and the valyrian dialect spoken in Tyrosh. In 400 A.C, he is three-and-twenty.

Jeyne and Alyssa Stone: Widely considered mad, the twins are often kept out of sight. Their mother was a bastard of House Pryor. In 400 A.C, they are seven-and-ten.

Robin Stone: The youngest of all Bryen's children, he is known as 'Little Robin', he is a quiet boy with a love of reading. In 400 A.C, he is nine.

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