Alyx Mallister was born in 357 AC to Lady Brea Mallister and her Vance husband. He is currently Lord of Seagard as well as Castellan of Riverrun for Lord Paramount Symond Tully. He was required to step away from his duties for the Lord Paramount to host the Great Tourney at Seagard for the king.

History Edit

Alyx became Lord of Seagard following his mother's death in 375 AC. He was married to Celia Tully, the daughter of the late Lord Tully and sister to the Lady Paramount Rosamund Tully and future Lord Paramount Symond Tully.

Alyx and Celia had 6 children and 1 grandchild throughout their first 5 and 20 years of marriage. The two are known to be in love.

In 390 AC, the Targaryen Rebellion broke out and Lord Symond Tully joined the rebel cause. House Mallister remained loyal to King Baelon Blackfyre, however, despite Symond being his good-brother.

Lord Alyx Mallister was named a commander for the Iron Throne's forces in the Riverlands early in the war. During the Battle on the River Road, the men under Alyx's command successfully defeated the remain rebel army in a quick skirmish between Riverrun and the the Inn of the Kneeling Man.

Alyx and King Baelon developed a friendship over the course of the war, and as a result, their houses spent the next decade in frequent contact with one another.

Recent Events Edit

400 AC. Edit

Alyx serves as Castellan of Riverrun when he is summoned to King's Langing by his friend, King Baelon I Blackfyre. Alyx goes to the capital to meet with the king, bringing along his children, Rohanne and Robb.

King Baelon tasks Alyx with overseeing the construction and hosting of the Great Tourney at Seagard, being sponsored by the Iron Throne. Alyx returns home to Seagard for the first time in years to prepare for the event.

Upon returning home, his wife, Celia Tully, and his two eldest sons, Marq and Beric, inform him of possible dragon activity reported over Ironman's Bay. As the tourney grounds are prepared and the town and surrounding area get ready for the festivities, the reports begin to lower until none are received. Alyx takes this as a sign the dragon has moved on.

Quotes Edit

“Oh Beric, you know better than that,” she teased, “Your father hasn’t written to a foreign house in a decade. If not for me, he’d be a hermit.” -Celia Tully