Alyn Tarth is the son of Edmure Tarth and Joy Swann, Brother of Alester Tarth the current Lord of Evenfall Hall.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Alyn is a quiet and kind man with a solemn face, he has pale green eyes with long black hair and a short,well-trimmed beard. He is known on Tarth as 'Lord' for ruling in his brother's stead.

He is often seen besides his sister, who's the more vocal of the two. The pair are rarely seen venturing too far from one another, which has led some rumors to spread.



Born in 380, Alyn is the second and last son of the late Evenstar and Lady Joy Swann. Alyn was given martial training early on, leading to him believing that was all his father envisioned in him. Which was true, Lord Edmure Tarth hoped to raise Alyn to be a great warrior, one who'd one day join the Kingsguard.

Stormlander Civil WarEdit

Those dreams were cut short shortly before The Evenstar and his heir marched to war, the first moment Alyn realized this was when he met his future wife. Cassana, a skinny Baratheon girl, who instantly joked about his looks, comparing him to a feral wolf.

Shortly after, the Stormlander Civil War began. As a child, Alyn couldn't fight beside his family but at home he continued to train under his Kinsmen, Ser Mors Tarth.

Current Events Edit

400 AC Edit