Allyria Dayne is the late wife of Lord Raymund Connington, and the mother to his three children: Arlan, Criston, and Ravella Connington. Her youngest child is Trystane Sand, a natural-born son.

History Edit

Criston and Ravella Connington were born in the year 382 AC, following a night and a day of laboring by their mother, Allyria Dayne. Having already given her husband an heir, Lord Raymund was not present at the time of their birth, but when informed did seem pleased to have been given a second son and daughter.

The fact that the two looked nothing alike, however, planted a seed of suspicion about the faithfulness of his wife - a beautiful woman with dark hair and violet eyes. Scarcely a year later, Allyria was caught in the bed of a cousin who had traveled to Griffin's Roost with the young bride from Dorne.

Lord Raymund made a spectacle of his wife and her attempt at cuckolding him. She was first marked as his property with a brand to her left shoulder made by heating his wax seal stamp in his solar's brazier, then stripped naked and put on the back of a horse to be sent back to Dorne.

Deziel Sand managed to make his escape unscathed and awaited his lover's arrival at some distance outside the gates. He is the only reason that she made it back to the place of her birth alive.

The child she bore for him a year later, however, saw her to her grave.