Aliandra Qorgyle is the Lady of house Sandstone and the head of House Qorgyle. She has a husband, Nymor Ladybright, a daughter, Rhea Qorgyle, and a sister, Xanay Qorgyle.

History Edit

Born to Talthar Qorgyle and a Summer Islander by the name of Kojja Qhoraq, Aliandra was raised as Qorgyles had been since the days of Aron Qorgyle, who ventured out of Dorne during the Long Night in search of other lands to potentially inhabit, only to gain a bond with some of the Summer Islanders of the Singing Stones. The culture of Sandstone would be forever changed, as it always had vacancies for Summer Islanders and their blood runs thick with Summer Islander heritage.

As such, Aliandra was taught the importance of sharing love and peace with others, mostly from her mother. As she grew older, her father would become an angry, violent man, distraught over something his loved ones could not discern. Despite several years of patience and aid, Talthar Qorgyle would hang himself in one of his violent and hopeless episodes, leaving Aliandra, at the age of five-and-ten, to become the Lady of Sandstone.

She would go on to consider the true love of a man to be near impossible after what she had witnessed, only knowing the fear she harbored for them and her strong preference towards other women. Nymos Ladybright, however, was not like any man she had ever met, and the two bonded over shared ideals in the freedom and openness of love, dance, and other arts. They would marry and bring to life a girl when Aliandra was seven-and-ten, still the only child she has conceived since.

Recent Events Edit

400 AC Edit

Aliandra and her family attend the Grand Tournament of Seagard where Aliandra herself signs up for archery and is the only participant among her house.