Alesandor is the youngest of two sons of the current head of House Templeton, Brandon Templeton. As such, much is expected from the potential Knight of Ninestars. Alesandor has not failed in that regard, having quickly completed his squirehood and served with distinction at the Bloody Gate and with efforts to control the mountain clan populations.

Thought to be a lock for the Knight of the Gate, Alesandor was humbly surprised when he was knighted by the Captain of the Winged Knights that came with an offer to join their ranks. Alesandor became Ser Alesandor Templeton and takes great pride in his duty to the Arryns as a prominent piece of the foremost knights in the Kingdom.

Ser Alesandor has a knightly and muscular build having spent his childhood ranging in the mountains and squiring. He has long, curly, blonde hair that explodes out from under his winged helmet and has no desire to cut it having become quite fond of the distinctive look at five-and-twenty.

Personality wise, Ser Alesandor is a humble and thoughtful sort that is typical of knights. He is particularly fond of and kinder yet to women, having grown up with a female best friend, Tyana, that would tell of all the great heroines throughout history. It was she that had dreams of joining the Winged Knights and she would have been one of the best, as intelligent and determined as she was. Tyana disappeared without a trace from the Eyrie despite the fact that he left no stone unturned in their search for her. When he was granted the title of Winged Knight of the Vale, he accepted on her behalf.