Aemon Tarly, known as Aemon the Younger is the current Lord of Horn Hill and Head of House Tarly. Son of Lord Samwyle Tarly, Aemon was named after both Aemon the Dragonknight and Ser Aemon Snow, as his father named all of his children after famous heroes and figures from history (His brothers Arthur and Randyll, his sisters Nymeria, Argella and Marla). He is three and fifty, lean, and near bald. Despite his intimidating appearance, he’s surprisingly affable, if a little blunt sometimes. He is considered a friend to the Night’s Watch.

He has two sons and one daughter by his wife, Margaery Flowers, Renly, Mace and Jocelyn.

History Edit

Aemon Tarly was born in the year 347 A.C to Lord Samwyle Tarly and his wife, a Lady of House Crane. He grew up in the years following the end of the War for the Dawn, and from an early age helped his father in bringing Horn Hill back to pre-War glory. He was a boy of seven when his first sibling, Nymeria, was born.

A year later, in 358 A.C, his mother would die in childbirth, giving birth to Argella Tarly. The relationship between Aemon and Argella was strained for many years.

Two years later, in 360 A.C, Lord Samwyle remarried to Genna Fossoway, herself barely a few years older than the then three-and-ten Aemon. The following year, he'd gain twin siblings, Arthur, who'd later take up a maester's chain, and Marla, who'd later marry Lord Lorent Tyrell.

He was knighted at the age of eighteen by the then Lord Paramount Victor Tyrell.

In 369 A.C, Ser Aemon married Margaery Flowers, against the wishes of Lord Samwyle. The couple would spend the next four years in Highgarden to avoid Lord Samwyle.

The first child of Aemon and Margaery, Renly, was born in 375 A.C, a year before Lord Samwyle's death, with Mace and Jocelyn following in 379 A.C and 381 A.C respectively.

In 388 A.C, Aemon exiled his youngest brother, Randyll to the wall, and later sentenced him to death in his absence when Randyll fled to Essos.

In 390 A.C, he led his forces against the traitorous Hightower forces in the First Targaryen Rebellion.

Recent Events: Edit

In 400 A.C, Lord Aemon travelled to Highgarden with an escort. After the feast for the Reach Lords, he travels to the Great Tourney at Seagard with his children and Nephew. Whilst all of his children compete, he himself does not, due to a knee injury sustained in the Targaryen Rebellion.

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"Be proud of where you come from, but do not assume greatness by virtue of birthplace." - Aemon Tarly to his children.
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