Aemon Flowers, later known as Ser Aemon Snow and Aemon the Elder was a knight of the Kingsguard and bastard of House Tarly. Born to Samwell ‘The Slayer’, a man of the Night’s Watch, and ‘Lady Gillyflower’, a Wildling woman, Aemon grew up in Horn Hill under the name Aemon Flowers, to the great distaste of his grandfather, Randyll Tarly. This attitude would change somewhat after the young Aemon proved a far better hunter and warrior than his father, and Lord Randyll took him on as a Squire. At eighteen, he was knighted by Lord Randyll. It was Lord Randyll that nurtured Ser Aemon's Kingsguard ambitions.

In the year, 337 A.C , at the age of Seven and Thirty, he’d join the Kingsguard of King Aegon VI Blackfyre. He’d remain in the Kingsguard, later serving Maegor II Blackfyre and Baelon I Blackfyre until his death in 358 A.C in a hunting accident.

During the Long Night and War for the Dawn, he’d adopt the name ‘Snow’, instead of ‘Flowers’, since, in his own words: “Flowers wither and die in Winter, right now, I’d rather be Snow”. It was also supposedly to honour his mother and his birth place.

His personal sigil was the Tarly Huntsman in black on a White field, he used a pair of decorative brooches showing this sigil to hold his cloak in place. According to some rumours, Ser Aemon was not the son of Samwell at all, rather the son of Mance Rayder, a King-Beyond-The-Wall. But these rumours have never gained any substantial evidence to corroborate this.