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A Dawn of Ice and Fire RP is a collaborative writing and roleplay subreddit based on George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. It is set 100 years after ASOIAF, making it year 400 AC when our story begins. The events that took place in ASOIAF stayed mostly the same, but in our lore, the Long Night came following the Others moving past the Wall and lasted a generation, just as long as the first Long Night, 8000 years before.

This is where we've built our own history, as the Long Night would have ended around 340 AC. after a devastating war between the living and the dead known as The War for the Dawn. There was no one hero that brought the dawn this time, as far as anyone knows, but it was resolved through sheer tenacity of all of Westerosi kingdoms.

60 years later, things have returned to somewhat normalcy, although the Long Night has had lasting, haunting effects on the world as we know it. Not all dead went back to rest, and not all kingdoms have come out the same as they started.

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